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1) Bold colors

Take a risk! Buy that bright orange or pink, and don’t be afraid to wear them together. Color has gotten a huge revival in recent years and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

2) Patterns

Floral, stripes, plaid, geometric; you name it and its in. Try mix matching matters or pairing with bold mismatching color!

3) Classic Staples

Classic silhouette have made quite a comeback. Try investing in a great sheath dress or navy blazer.

4) Queen of the Jungle

Animal prints are dominating our Pintrest pages and you should take note for your wardrobe. Too bold for you? Try an animal scarf or head band!

5) Cut-outs

I have to say I’m rather surprised (in a good way) by the popularity of cut-outs. But flaunt what your momma gave you and try a cut-out dress. Accessorize minimally and let the dress speak for itself!