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We decided to share some of the amazing women that shape our wardrobes and helped us curate our own collection. I’d say my style is very classic with an edge and when you see my style icons, you’ll see why! Stay tuned for Grace’s post tomorrow!

1) Brigitte Bardot – Stay true to your roots

As the women who popularized sexy bed-head, bikinis, ballet flats, the Bardot neckline, and more, Brigitte Bardot is one of the style greats. The trends that characterized Bardot were more then just fashion, they were pieces from her past as a ballerina and French roots.

2)      Audrey Hepburn – you flaws are you best features

Unlike like the voluptuous women of the day, Audrey Hepburn was the exact opposite. Despite being too tall, too skinny, and a little funny faced, Hepburn is still consider one of the most stylish and beautiful women. The key to her unforgettable style is that she dressed to flatter and own her supposed flaws. I personally love Audrey because she’s so effortlessly stylish!

3)      Grace Kelly – Less is more

Princess Grace Kelly was the epitome of grace, style, and sophistication. However, Grace Kelly did not need anything over the top to make her a style icon, rather it was her well curated look that made her so stylish.

4)      Barbara “Babe” Paley – Don’t let the clothes wear you

If rumors are to be believed, then Barbara Paley is probably the closest thing to perfect as anyone’s gotten. The dame of New York society, Paley made the best dressed list 14 times and was inducted into the Fashion Hall of Fame in 1958. Paley was known to have impeccable style, but her style transcended beyond just her clothes. Countless women tried to imitate Paley’s style with little success, proving that the women herself was the main ingredient in her legendary style.

5)      Madonna – don’t be afraid to take a risk

From menswear to cone bras to crop tops, Madonna has always been fearless on the fashion front. The classics provide a great foundation to your wardrobe, it the risks that make it stylish. And in all honesty its kind of fun adding crazy elements to your wardrobe but its something that comes with time. For me, my ah-ha moment came in high-school. I wore a black and white polka dot pencil skirt with a lime green halter under a yellow striped off-shoulder shirt (crazy I know but it was mismatch day!!) But I ended up getting a lot of compliments and most people accused me of being stylish not mismatched! Since then, I’ve embraced fashion risks to the fullest!

xx ashita