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If Ashita’s style icons were a bit more classic, I’d have to say mine are more contemporary. Here goes!:


1. Lindsay Lohan

Although Lindsay hasn’t really set any trends lately (or have been able to get out of trouble, for that matter), you can’t deny that she’s still beautiful and has that special something. Who remembers the times when her and Nicole Richie were BFFs and started that sundress+cowboy boots trend? She can pull on a white shirt and cutoffs and still look trendy, and look HOT in those crazy Tyler Shields shoots.


2. Kim Kardashian

I’m don’t follow Kim’s life like some people do, but her style is so amazing I can’t help loving this girl. Who says you can’t have it all? – she’s got a beautiful face, amazing curves, and probably one of the most massive collection of clothes, bags, shoes, and accessories a girl could ever want. Now if only her next marriage lasts more than 72 days, I guess you can say she’s REALLY got it all. 😉


3. Jessica Alba

I love Alba’s casual style. I’m not too keen on crazy fashion that pops out too much. I’m more about the chic look that doesn’t catch too much attention, and Alba’s got exactly that. I don’t think she’s ever lead a nation-wide trend or has been the Top 5 style icons like some celebrities, but she’s always been that well-dressed celebrity that has attracted fashionistas year after year.


4. Blake Lively

If I think Jessica Alba is a style icon for the casual look, I’d say Blake Lively is the style icon for the red carpet. She looks absolutely AMAZING in every red carpet event with just the right mix of class and sexy. (Although I’d have to say that Charlize Theron is also one of my red carpet favorites.)


5. Meghan Markle

I’m a HUGE fan of the TV show Suits, and I absolutely LOVE the outfits this girl wears on the show. I had to put her on my style icon list because although I know that her TV show stylist picks out what she wears on screen, she deserves credit because she looks amazing in each and every outfit. On the show, she’s a paralegal at a law firm, and her office outfits are the perfect inspiration for the young career woman. Don’t watch Suits? It’s definitely a great show by itself, but getting to see what she wears in each scene is surely a plus.

Grace x