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* This is a Grace Kim post!

Since Christmas is right around the corner, I decided to list some things that I want in RIGHT. NOW. No harm in fantasizing about what you want, right? 😉


1. Ciaté’s Caviar Mini Bar ($29.00 at Sephora)

I was walking by Sephora one night and saw this adorable box in the window and just HAD to check it out. But I figured that I wouldn’t sit at home and actually spend a lot of time putting this on, so I didn’t get it. But since I work for a beauty products company, I luckily had the chance to try these babies on for ‘market research’ purposes and. . THEY WERE SO CUTE!! And they stayed on for FOUR full days. No chipping, either. You want to know my secret to keeping caviar polish on for a long time? Use fake individual eyelash glue! I kid you not, that things is STRONG! 🙂 And make sure to add a top coat to keep those caviars in place. If anyone reading this post tried this, let me know how well/not well it worked!

Screen Shot 2012-12-09 at 9.50.53 PM

2. Christian Louboutin – Belle Zeppa Suede Wedge Booties ($995)

WHAT GIRL DOES NOT WANT A PAIR OF LOUBOUTINS?? 🙂 I don’t think I need a long caption for this one because I think all youguys would understand my insane need yearning  for these shoes 🙂

Screen Shot 2012-12-09 at 10.14.53 PM

3. Mulberry – Oversized Alexa Satchel ($1,585)

I absolutely LOVE this British brand, but have yet to own anything they make. I’ve always wanted one of their satchels, but their leather is really vulnerable to everything so someone clumsy like me should never own a bag like this! (I tend to erm. . drop food all over the place, scratch my bags and boots everywhere, and use my possessions as an umbrella to keep myself dry.) My current favorite Mulberry item is this oversized Alexa Satchel in slate blue.

Screen Shot 2012-12-09 at 10.09.24 PM

4. Bailey Button UGGS ($220)

I love UGGS because they’re SO comfortable, but I really can’t justify buying this pair because it costs $60 more just for that bling bling button. But I would definitely love to have them if someone was willing to buy them for me (Santa, do you hear me? wink wink) so. . anyone out there that will buy these for me? heheh

santorini santorini1

5. A trip to Santorini, Greece ($priceless!)

Okay, this won’t exactly fit into my closet, but since I’m on a roll here, let me have my moment hahah. I’ve always wanted to go to Greece, and for some reason, my friends have planned and went on trips to Greece, which is making me MAD with jealousy! Santorini is really famous in South Korea (where I’m from) because a popular sports drink had a commercial shot there. It’s so beautiful, and with the economic crisis in Greece now, why not travel there and help them out by spending some tourist money there? ;*)

kate upton

6. Kate Upton’s amazing body ($Not purchasable. . BOO!)

Okay since I’m just wishing for ridiculous things might as well wish for a body like Kate Upton’s. .

Since I’m getting greedy and my list is getting quite ridiculous, I’ll stop here and let you girls wish for what YOU want this Christmas. Till next time! :*)

xx Grace