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This is an Ashita Patel post!
Ever since Grace put up her fantasy wish list, I’ve been jealous (of yes her imaginary gifts!) Anyhow, regardless of the fact that I don’t celebrate Christmas, I thought I’d put up a fantasy list too. AND since my birthday is 4 days after Christmas, I’ll call it Birthday/Christmas wish list!
1. $2 million (What Grace got to ask for Kate Upton’s Body!) – Plus launching a new company’s expensive! $2 million would let us do EVERYTHING we ever imagined with Just SVARA and more!!
2. LV Alma Bag –
So truth be told, I’ve been lusting after this bag since I saw this super chic Parisian woman tote-ting it around at Versailles almost 3 years ago. I’m sad to say, I almost forwent tuition in lieu of buying the bag at the Paris flagship. But alas, common sense kicked in. Anyway, this bag is a classic! It literally would be amazing with so many outfits and it adds just the right amount of polish. And I love that the logo is embossed too!
3.  Louboutin Fifi Strass & Spikes (Price – $3,800)
These sky-high studded heals are amazing!! Talk about lust at first sight! I’m already planning out my outfits!!
4. Tiara Necklace (Price – Upon Request…which usually means SUPER expensive!)
If you know my mother, you know she’s a jewelry fiend. But rarely do we agree on jewelry choices (and this usually means we don’t buy my choices). These necklaces are beautiful and delicate. And the best part? They double as a tiaras for when I’m feeling whimsy!
5. A Key Necklace – (Price – $1,995/$8,500)
This is another piece I’ve been lusting after but for some reason or other haven’t bought ( truth be told I have no idea why). I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the A.Brandt and Son’s one from 1stdibs.com (the more antique looking one.) And since this is a fantasy list, I couldn’t just put the reasonably (maybe?) priced one on my list, so I also included the Enchant Primrose Key Pendant from Tiffany’s at a pretty hefty $8,500!
6. Van Cleef & Arples Sapphire & Diamond Chandelier Earrings ($260,000)
Since this is my birthday list I’m claiming an extra item! Lol, truth be told there’s just too much pretty stuff out there! Back to these earrings. Yes I know $260,000 is absolutely crazy for jewelry or really anything that’s not property (house/condo/boat) but look how beautiful these are!  Plus, I absolutely love old school jewelry, so how could I say no?
xx ash