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After being sick for three days (NOT fun), I decided it was time to get back on track with blogging. : )

I can wear casual to work, so my work style is a lot different from Ashita’s. And because I like to have a lot on my wrist, people at the office comment (quite a lot) about how much I have on my wrist at lot. For example, one day the Head of HR saw my wrist candy and said, “Uhh, isn’t that heavy?” and I answered with a “Nope, isn’t it pretty? :*)”, and that made him laugh hahah.

So today I thought I’d show what I would have on on a typical work day:

Screen Shot 2012-12-16 at 10.10.46 PM

Tory Burch Double Wrap Logo Studded Bracelet ($95) – Unfortunately, I can’t find the color that I have in the picture on the Tory Burch website anymore. : ( It’s like gold snakeskin and it looks so cool!

Screen Shot 2012-12-16 at 10.10.26 PM

Michael Kors Rose Golden Midsized Choronograph Watch ($250) – I can’t find the exact product on the MK website, but this is the closest description I could find! I went in to buy the Baguette Bezel ($275)watch, but I came out with this baby! The MK mid-sized Layten ($450) was going to be my next purchase, but I tried it on at the store, and the watch band was a bit flimsy. : ( And someone told me that the crystals on MK watches break off easily, so be careful!!

Screen Shot 2012-12-16 at 10.16.32 PM

Michael Kors Bead Stretch Bracelet, Silver Color ($85) – I’m not a big fan of MK bags and clothes, but you can tell I really like their jewelry and watches. Thank God their website is soooo slow because otherwise I would spend hours browsing their jewelry and watches! Normally I get frustrated and give up looking up stuff. haha. I love this bracelet because it’s so cute and stretchy. It looks good on your wrist even when you don’t have anything else on.

Aside from these three things, I have a hair band, a friendship bracelet, a hamsa bracelet, and an evil eye bracelet. I made the hamsa and the evil eye bracelets, so I’ll post a DIY tutorial on that if I can. :*) And I had forgotten to add this to my christmas wish list, but one day, I hope I’ll have this baby on my wrist.

But enough about me. . what do YOU girls have on your wrists! Let’s get inspired!