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Film captures fashion in the moment and brings trends back to life.  The costumes become a character’s identity and help tell the story.  Here’s 20 films that are memorable for historic fashion moments:

Caio! Manhattan: Factory Girl, Edie Sedgwick, is boho chic in a film that wasn’t meant to be a documentary but clearly mirrors the Warhol Superstar’s life.  She mixes prints and textures while sporting her classic heavy-lined eyes.

Pulp Fiction:  It’s the 90’s and anything goes.  Tight pants with a boxy silhouetted torso.

Beetlejuice:  Black and white stripes are the first thing that comes to mind.  Costumes in Tim Burton films always stem from more gothic trends and there is always something couture about them.  While Lydia will forever be the favored teen goth, her mother does display some eccentric, delicious outfits.  These earrings…I die.

The Great Gatsby:  It’s no surprise that the 20’s are making an appearance on the 2014 runways.  This movie is a fashion statement in itself with classic flapper looks, exquisite in beading and other embellishments.

An American in Paris:  This picture displays a look of cowboy, witches; sequins and stripes.  This 1928 musical is visually pleasing from start to finish.

Clueless:  Cher is a goddess of 90’s fashion.  Every single person in this film, whether they are one of Daddy’s lawyer friends or a student in the background, is dressed to the nines in a style tribe all their own.

Almost Famous:  Coachella fashion stemmed from this movie.  Attendees who go a little overboard with the feathers and booty shorts need to refer back to this 2000 film.  Penny Lane shows fans how to dress right when on the road.  From denim to fur coats, it’s boho, rock chic, and symbolizes everything it means to be a “Band-Aid” from 1973.

The Royal Tenenbaums:  Dark eyeliner, fur coat, simple hair cut…sometimes that’s all we need.

Whip It: Tomboys with style.  If you want to be these girls, dressing like them is the first step.  Steal your brother’s shirt, cut it into a crop top, and add a few colors to your hair.  Show them that you’re ready to party this summer.

Marie Antoinette:  The original Queen of Fashion.  This movie is spot on in being historically correct with its costuming. Sophia Coppola has the Rococo era meet punk by tying the historical setting to 80s new wave/indie music. The colors, silhouettes, and prints seen on Antoinette and her entourage blew up the runway in 2007 and is still fueling inspiration today.

How to Steal a Million: The Givenchy and Hepburn collaboration.  Enough said.

Heathers: 80’s high school girls.  Tights, denim, suspenders, slouchy tees…they wore it all …at the same time.

Star Wars:  Your boyfriend may not believe you, but Star Wars has inspired trends in more ways than one.  The draping, layering, and oversized hoods of the Jedis have been seen on the runway from the likes of Gareth Pugh, MMM, and A. Wang.  Queen Amidala’s looks were also inspired by Asian couture.

The Adams Family:  The originators of Black on Black fashion; a classic gothic family.

Funny Face:  Adore the Dior seen throughout Hepburn’s transformation in this film.  You simply cannot work in the fashion industry and not have seen this film.

Spice World:  Five British girls that are labeled by their own unique style.  This film has a little bit of classy and trashy in every seen and captures fashion as it exits the 90’s.  Oh and Victoria Beckham is in it so that’s worth watching.

The Devil Wears Prada:  Whatever you do, don’t call this film’s incredible designer garments -both current and vintage- “stuff.”

Cleopatra:  While the costumes worn by Elizabeth Taylor in this film are breathtaking, they are not entirely historically accurate.  However, the beading, the gold, and cerulean are worth studying and play into many of the accessorie trends for summer 2013.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s:  A classic love tale of girl and fashion, right?  Forget Fred, throw me a Givenchy evening gown and some Ray Bans and I’ll be a happy girl.

Bonnie and Clyde: Some androgynous looks that still divulge elegance and sass.