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Diamond District Tour:
Last Tuesday we went on a tour of the Diamond Center in Antwerp.  Antwerp, Belgium is the diamond capital of the world, with more than 80% of the worlds diamonds passing through the city at some point in its lifetime.  While we were there we went inside a cutting and polishing workshop, it was so cool!  While we were talking to the man who is in charge of organizing and approving all of the projects, he told us that they cut and polish a majority of the diamonds for Tiffany & Co! Being the girly girl that I am, I was so excited and thought it was so cool that I was in the room where the diamonds that would eventually be sold at Tiffany’s, were being polished!
We also went into a room where trading and selling is conducted.  The lady who was giving us our tour told us that today most of the deals are made in the seller’s offices, but we did still get to see a few people sitting at tables with their brokers working out deals and sales with the diamond sellers! (We weren’t allowed to take pictures inside the trading room because apparently it is an exclusive “club” and people from the outside aren’t even allowed inside usually!)
Gent, which is a pretty artsy city, has an alley that is dedicated to graffiti! Not only is graffiti allowed in this alley, but it is actually encouraged.  It was a really cool alley and it was so amazing to see some of the artwork that some people have made on the walls!
While we were in Gent, we ate at a restaurant close to the water.  The restaurant was called Belga Queen, and was so good! I got a turkey sandwich with lettuce and tomatoes with a side salad, but they had pretty much anything you can imagine! It was really good and the atmosphere and location were awesome also! I would definitely recommend it to anyone!
Brugge, which reminded me of a European version of colonial Williamsburg (in Virginia), was absolutely gorgeous! There were a ton of horses and buggies and the some of the people walking around were wearing clothing from the olden days! It was really neat to see the way that Europe was compared to the way America was in the earlier centuries!